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Sermon | By Pastor Shwe Lin

12/3/23 Saya Shew Lin sermon is based on

❇️Judges 11:1-38. Through out this chapter Jephthah who was the son of Gilead was described as a Gileadite warrior, however his mother was a prostitute therefore he was not able to get inheritance from his father. Before helping Israel defeat the Ammonites he made a vow to sacrifice whatever comes first out of his door, and as the result of winning against the Ammonites, his daughter first came out of the door and even though he regretted his vow he still sacrifices her. Was this the right thing to do ? According to ❇️Deuteronomy 18:19, the moment he regretted the vow he should’ve gone to the prophet to get advice on the situation, but he failed to do that. Furthermore according to ❇️Leviticus 27:8 it says “If you desire to make such a vow but cannot afford to pay the required amount, take the person to the priest. He will determine the amount for you to pay based on what you can afford.”

1️⃣ Sacrafice his daughter

2️⃣Only relying on his own understanding

3️⃣ He thinks God will accept his doing

4️⃣He doesn’t understand how to sacrifice to God

Key takeaways

Jephthan let a curse fall upon him, he could’ve prevented the curse if he had known God’s words as it says in ❇️Matthew 3:15 & 1 John 1:9. As believer today it important to raise our children with the word of God to avoid any misfortune or cruse upon them.❇️

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