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The Immanuel Myanmar Church was established on February 17, 2010. On the
day we had the first service, we were seven people including children. It was held
at someone’s house in an apartment. By the grace of God, under the leadership of
pastor Manar Chai, the attendance grew more and more that we started praying for
a place to have a formal worship service.
By God’s grace, through the help of Hary Rocker and pastor Emmanuel, we were
able to have room to worship at Wheaton Evangelical Free Church at the end of
2010. God has blessed us in many ways. We also thank WEFC for allowing us to
worship in one of the rooms in the Church. Even when WEFC joined The Compass
Church, they still allowed us to worship in the same room. We also thank the
leadership and the members of The Compass Church.
When the Compass Church members are increasing in numbers, due to space
limitations, we were no longer able to worship in the room we used. We again tried
to find a place to worship. God answered our prayer. Du Mohmoh from World
Relief helped us to get a place in the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton. They
warmly welcome us, and currently, we are worshipping in their Church. We are
very thankful for Pastor Kellen Smith, the Elders, and the Church members of First
Presbyterian Church of Wheaton. Because of the difficulties we have in
communication, we use the main trade language of Burma, Burmese, which is not
a dialect, such as Chin those other Burmese churches may use. That’s why we are
still moving forward as Immanuel Myanmar Church. From the beginning of the
Church, till today we had experienced lots of difficulties, but at the same time, we
also witnessed lots of God’s miraculous hands throughout the years. As long as the
Lord has not yet returned, this is the desire from the bottom of our hearts that we
are longing to worship and exalt him. May the name of the Lord who has led us
thus far be glorified forever and ever.

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